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Default v2.3 Multiple Controller Question

Hey guys Im running P64 2.3 on Windows 10, and I need controller advice tips.

Here we go,
I originally ran 1.7 *forever* until almost all games started running wonky out of nowhere so I updated to 2.3. It solved the games issues.
Ive always used retrolink usb controllers, and setup in 1.7 was a breeze. In 2.3 I've set up the two I usually use, and that works fine; when i try use two more controllers I haver [same retrolink usb controllers], things go wrong.
Players 3 and 4 never work, sometimes player 3's controller controls both controller 3 and player 2 [while player 2 can be independent while the other isnt moving].
I go to their respective tabs and configure them, and it seems to work, but never actually does. Same situation goes with setting up a third controller thats an Xbox one controller configured. It used to work fine as a third one on 1.7, but since Ive updated, it does the same problems as a regular retrolink usb generic one.

Here's the real question:
Can anyone help me with setting up more than 3 controllers? I'm guessing I'm going to need to have each controller be permanent [ie one is always player 1, one is always player 2, etc], and maybe mess with com ports? Like each one will probably have to plug into a specific usb slot to work right? Am I completely wrong here? Is it a lot easier?

I appreciate any help or any attempt to help in advance, thank you. also, i'll just say that i am a patron [albeit only a $3/month] i greatly appreciate this amazing project to the moon.
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Can you try using the same plugin you used in 1.7?
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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