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Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
That is awesome man. How did you find this HD code?
I went through the RDRAM and found several data tables for various things,one of them being image value data loading and also found pointer stuff for AI players which had an easy layout of model image values for each LOD.
On top of forcing best LOD,I also brewed up custom ASM to force replace the highest AI Player LOD with the the best 1P mode LOD.

Just look at the codes directly before the HD mod stuff and it lists regular image modding via custom ASM.

A breakdown for it is that I have it check the value for known values then change it to specific ones (1P Mode best LOD's image) if correct via branching/not branching appropriately.

Also,some codes I forgot to list here maybe,don't remember...

Diddy Kong Racing (U) (v1.0)

Highest Poly And Shiny Players
80012251 0000
8101309C 240F
8101309E 0000
Human players in their own screens,shiny on both.
Combine with earlier car LOD codes for full model quality and shiny beauty.
Note: Has mild conflict with certain angles on at least one of the players.

Shiny AI Racers
8101224C 2409
8101224E 0001
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Conker's Bad Fur Day (U)

Visual Height Generic
80099140 00xx
Example of this is Context Sensitive spots.

Visual Height Generic Multiplier
80099141 00xx

Top Speed Generic
80099142 00xx

Visual Height Grass Misc.
80099143 00xx
7F=One Conker In the Air

Visual Height Grass Misc. Multiplier
80099144 00xx
7F=Barely Off Ground? (00 kills you)/High Up (7F)

Faster Top Speed On Grass And Misc?
80099145 0090

Visual Height Mucus Tongue
80099146 00xx

Visual Height Mucus Tongue Multiplier
80099147 00xx

Top Speed Mucus Tongue
80099148 00xx

Visual Height Wood Edges
80099149 00xx

Visual Height Wood Edges Multiplier
8009914A 00xx

Top Speed Wood Edges
8009914B 00xx

Visual Height Wood
8009914C 00xx

Visual Height Wood Multiplier
8009914D 00xx

Top Speed Wood
8009914E 00xx

Visual Height Misc.
8009914F 00xx
7F=One Conker In the Air

Visual Height Misc. Multiplier
80099150 00xx
7F=Barely Off Ground (00)/High Up (7F)

Top Speed Misc.
80099151 00xx

Visual Height Stone
80099152 00xx
The stone bridge in Windy.

Visual Height Stone Multiplier
80099153 00xx

Top Speed Stone
80099154 00xx

Visual Height Deep Grass/Hay
80099155 00xx

Deepest Deep Grass (Visual Height Multiplier)
80099156 00EC
00=No Depth

Deep Grass Doesn't Slow You Down
80099157 0000
90=Faster On Deep Grass

Visual Height Ankle Water?
80099158 00xx

Visual Height Ankle Water Multiplier
80099159 00xx

Top Speed Ankle Water
8009915A 00xx

Visual Height Metal
8009915B 00xx

Visual Height Metal Multiplier
8009915C 00xx

Top Speed Metal
8009915D 00xx

Poo Cover Range/Visual Height
8009915E 00xx
00=On Top
CC=Very Low

Poo Visual Hieght Multiplier
8009915F 00xx

Top Speed On Poo
80099160 00xx
0F=Too Slow

Visual Height Mud/Honey Pile
80099161 00xx

Visual Height Mud/Honey Pile Multiplier
80099162 00xx

Top Speed Mud/Honey Pile
80099163 00xx

Visual Height Snot
80099164 00xx

Visual Height Snot Multiplier
80099165 00xx

Deep In Snot
81099164 2CEC

Top Speed Snot
80099166 00xx

Visual Hieght Carpet
80099167 00xx
Count Batula area for example.

Visual Height Carpet Multiplier
80099168 00xx

Top Speed Carpet
80099169 00xx

Visual Height Lava Death
8009916A 00xx

Visual Heigh Lava Multiplier
8009916B 00xx
7F^+80=Instant Lava Death

Top Speed Lava
8009916C 00xx
Unusable due to damage bouncing.

Visual Height War Spike
80099173 00xx

Visual Height War Spike Multiplier
80099174 00xx

Top Speed War Spike
80099175 00xx

Don't Sink In Deep S***/Honey
80099179 0000
7F=High Above

Deep S***/Honey Height Multiplier
8009917A 00xx

Top Speed Deep S***/Honey
8009917B 00xx
90=Extra Fast
FF=Too fast
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Old 3rd May 2018, 06:05 AM
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Conker's Bad Fur Day (U)

Fast Swim/Crawl Speed
80099228 003D
Also affects hovering.

Instant Beehive Throw
800997DC 0042

Rapid Graons When Pushing Stuff
800997FC 0042

Drunken Antics Speed
81099870 xxxx
81099872 xxxx
BE99 999A=Almost None
3E99 999A=Default
4399 999A=Constant Stumbling

Drunken Weapon Mod
8109988A xxxx
5B84=Toilet Paper
5FBC=Knife Throw!
69B0=IMN1 Suit
7858=Pyro Maniac
7918=Bazooka Shots
7C78=Bone Club Beatdown
7D48=Hypnotism Brutality
7EBC=Flamethrower Gun Insanity
867C=Samurai Sword
8788=Chainsaw Massacre

Spooky Chapter Gun Weapon Mod
8109996A xxxx
5B84=Toilet Paper?
5FBC=Knife Throw
6530=Anvil Drop
69B0=IMN1 Suit!
69E0=Invisible Double Machine-gun
7498=Bugged Gun?
7728=Shrapnel Shotgun
7858=Context Flamethrower Can
7918=Invisible Bazooka
7C78=Bone Club
7E00=Flamethrower Gun
7EBC=Working Flamethrower Gun
867C=Samurai Sword
8884=Different Shotgun
9268=Silver Pistol
Better than that pissing frying pan?
Gun still appears with cutscene and stays out.

Stop Pee Speed Mod
8109998C xxxx
These may be for all weapons.

Start Pee Speed Mod
81099990 xxxx
BFCC=Playing With Zipper

Drinking Animation Speed
8109999C xxxx
BF86=Endless Reverse
C186=Fast Endless Reverse
4286=Instantly Cut-scene

Walking Machine Gun Shot Speed
810999A8 xxxx
40CC=Maniac Fast

Machine Gun Put Away Speed
810999B0 xxxx

Take Out Machine Gun Speed
810999B4 xxxx

Buga Knut Turning Around Animation Mod
80099A85 00xx
81099A86 yyzz
03=Looking For Conker
04=Turn Around
05=Turn Around
06=Preparing Back Attack
07=Drops Loincloth (makes naked Buga chase you)
08=Hiding Private Party
09=Fake Pulling Up Loincloth?
0A=Getting Hit?
0B=Preparing Side Attack
0C=Preparing Vertical Attack
0D=Being Bitten
0E=Blocked Crotch
10=Real Pulling Up Loincloth
11=Jump Slam
12=Getting Up From Slam
13/14=Cheering Again
15=Voiceless Block
16=Sitting In Chair
17=In Back Attack
18=Back Attack
19=In Side Attack
1A=Side Attack
1B=In Vertical Attack
1C=Vertical Attack
1D=Boasting In Chair
1E=Getting Up From Chair
1F=Grabbing Bone?
20=Adored By Fans?
21=Failing To Pull Up Loincloth
22=Seeing He Is Naked
23=His Secret
24=Running Away

Never Stumble While Drunk
80099ABB 00A7
Replaced with drunk fast-walk.

Never Barf When In Hangover
80099AC3 00A7

Toilet Paper Damage Type?!?
80099AD3 00xx
Non-listed values are untested.
08=Destructive (despawns Great Mighty Poo)
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Old 9th May 2018, 03:23 AM
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Conker's Bad Fur Day (U)

Final Boss Has Turning Issues
80099AA0 0000

Final Boss Idle Start Animation/Action Mod
80099AA3 00xx
00=Reamining Idle
02=Punched 2
03=Punched 3
05=Spin Tail
0A=Face Slamming (you can grab already)
0B=Stun Animation
0D=Slamming Into Wall
0E=Getting Up And Roaring
0F=Held Claw Grip
10=Held Claw Grip?
11=Throw Related
12=Recover From Wall
14=Dodging 2
15=Shaking From Blocked Attack
16=Walking Backwards
18=Running Fast
19=Held Sparks
1B=Jump Flip (actually jumping)
1C=Holding On
1D=Clinging On
1E=Pushing Onto Holding Point
1F=Jumping Back In
20=Looking Oddly
22=Jumpy Walking
23=A Jump?
24=Face On Ground?
26=Moving Head Back?
27=Moving Around?
28=Moving Left Claw For Berri
29=Left Claw And Moving A Bit For Berri
2A=Struggling To Balance

Final Boss Wall Recover Animation Mod
80099AA8 00xx

Final Boss Likes To Dance
80099AA7 000A

Tediz Boss Lesson One Repeats
8009A153 0090
Still dies with same hit count.

Great Mighty Poo Unfair
8009A157 0040

Great Mighty Poo Never Stops Throwing
8009A15B 0008

Boiler Boss Stays Stunned After First Clamp
8009A14F 00D0
8009A153 0090

Odd Buga Fight
8109A1A2 9BB0

Great Mighty Poo Sing Early Action Loop?
8109A19E 9C14
8109A1A6 9BB0

Fun Buga Knut Camera
8009DF27 0098
It follows the raptor directly when you are riding it.

Weird Interactions
8109DF9E 7AE8
Scarecrow Birdy can be grabbed after he is hit and Buga appears early in the Raptor part.
Many other enemies/NPCs have odd actions.

Weird Cows and 1 Phase Great Mighty Poo
8109DFDA 8608
After the cut-scenes for cow.

Raptor Burns To Death
8109DFF2 8994
Oddly not freezing the game.

Odd Raptor
8109DFF2 89CC
Harder to use headbutt and no bite marks.

Endless Hay Burning Scenes
8109E00E 8B6C
Eventually lags the game.

Drunken Gits Are Breakable
8109E012 8B60
Odd uga warp happens if guard cut-scene played early.

Stiff Boiler Boss
8109E01A 8B60
He watches you walk around him.
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Old 16th May 2018, 01:32 AM
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Conker's Bad Fur Day (U)

Raptor Is Friendly
8109E02A 8E3C
Glitched on Raptor Food sub-chapter but not Buga.

Broken Ball Of Poo
8109E036 xxxx
8E48=Unrestricted? (roll it out of the area once its been used all times)

Characters Always Wear Headwear
8109E042 8E30

Conker Retains/Avoids Gasmask
8109E062 9128
Cut-scenes take priority.

Sabre-Hatless Conker
8109E07A 9118
Army helmet still appears.

Normal Conker In Batula Sub-chapter
8109E14E 9908

Light Helmet Object Mod
8109E19E xxxx
9698=Hover Board
9744=IMN1 Suit

IMN1 Suit Additional Object
8109E1A2 xxxx
9734=Light Helmet

Mugged Money Catch Object Mod
8109E1AA xxxx
9734=Light Helmet
9744=IMN1 Suit

Bat Object Interaction Oddity
8109E1AE xxxx
9734=Light Helmet
975C=On Batula

Some Odd Stuff
8109E1B6 9D18
Boiler boss is immune to the poopoo.

Conker's Odd Fur Day
8109E1BE 9D10
Beehive in wrong place,some stuff inactive,playful bull,drunk mode fails,missing pooball.

Some Stuff Ignored
8109E1C6 9D10
Carrying the beehive for example.

Haybot Beats You Up
8109E23A A474

Many Cutscenes Auto Skipped
8109E442 C680
Bugs out the game for funny results.

Unlimited Power Poo Cabin
8109F11E D508

Poo Cabin Under Attack
8109F11E D6E8
D6F8=Green Mist

Poo Cabin Explosions
8109F11E D44C
D1EC=Another Explode Chunks
D3A8=Conker Loses Body Parts Fakely
D3F0=Conker Explodes Fakely

Conker Aims In Poo Cabin
8109F11E D2C0

Deadly Laser In Poo Cabin
8109F11E D254

Radiated Poo Cabin
8109F11E D218

Many Important Props Missing or Glitched
8109F3F2 E978

Many Hidden Props Are Active
8109F3F6 E954
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Conker's Bad Fur Day (U)

Can't Stand On Pitchfork
8109F56A 05C0
"Don't get any funny ideas."
Other things may happen.

Deaths and Ladders and More
8109F5B2 xxxx
1774=Deaths and Ladders
1BFC=Random Contexts
Random deaths,needs to be turned on after spawning in some cases.

Random Water Against Some Walls
8109F5BE 1774
Some walls can act like sloped floors or no-clip.
Water is found in Mad Pitchfork.

Bad Context Mod
8109F5C6 xxxx
1774=Random Water
17C0=More Random Water
1AC0=Windy Full Theme Plays!? (other songs may)
1B58=Immediate Map/Position Warp?? (jump up to the paint pot and paintbrush)
1BFC=Context (mostly Anvil?)
1C20=War Cracked My Screen
1C6C=Buggy Cutscene

Funny Size Glitches
8109F738 003D

Controllable Cutscene Camera?
810A35E6 8FA4
810A35F2 9414

Fiery Beetles
810A5CB2 CFF4

Army Helmet Windy
810A5CB2 CED0

Army Helmet Rock Solid
810A5D5E CED0

Hungover Motion Blur Effects
810BE574 xxxx
May very likely cause motion sickness.
C801=Rodent's Warning
FA02=Extra Trippy

Blue Fire At GMP?
81082E76 4144
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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0)

Note; Codes may fail to work/freeze on newer PJ64 versions due to new error messages for extra stuff.

Invisible Cars
8000517F 0004

Stop and Go
800052B0 00E5

Car Singularity
8000580F 0004

Bouncy Pancake Car
80005837 0004

Braking Goes Backwards
80005A50 00E5
When going fast enough.

Brake Stops On A Dime
80005AE4 00E5

Brake Sound Mod
81005B26 xxxx
030B=Highest Value?

Stretched Krunch
80007BB7 0004
Not sure if also applied as your player.

Flat Krunch
80007BD3 0004
80007BD8 00E6

Alien Vehicles
80007E53 0004
Excluding yours.

Repetitive Sounds
8000984B 0010
Racer anguish repeats,includes hub frogs.

Minimal Music
8000A72F 0074

Minimal Weird Music
8000A8EB 0040
Talk to T.T. and wait a bit.

Wacky Music
8000A8F6 C8C0
May crash.

Alternative Music
8000A947 0006

Extra Instrumentation
8000A953 0000
Use this and the next code to combine effects.

Cool Drum and Odd?
8000A967 0000
Voice in Hot Top Volcano is funny.

Imbalanced Volume
8000AA05 00CB
T.T.'s theme gets religious!

Weird Stereo Music Remix
8000AAC5 00D4
8000AACB 0003

Music Pitch Mod
8100AE52 xxxx
Some instruments ignore this.
3E80=Extra Low
3F00=Spooky Low

Messy Boosting
8000BA90 00E4
You either go underground or float every boost.

Boosting Has Red Spark Effect
8000BB20 0024

Lingering Boost Smoke
8000BBBF 0001

Always Boost Fire
8100BC3C 240E
8100BC3E 0050

Alt Always Boost Fire
8000BC47 0000

Engine Trouble
8000BC47 0000
8000BC4F 00xx
70=Default Fire Effect

Alt Lingering Smoke
8000BDB7 0074

Always Smokey Engine
8000BDE0 00E4

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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0)

Replay N64 Coin Races (DON'T USE until you make a copy of your save file)
8000C925 00F5
You keep getting new balloons each win.

Spliced Objects
8000CA73 00xx
8000CA77 00yy
Usually breaks access to any given level map,fun to mess around with in numerous scenarios.
Other numbers not listed also work,just make sure to follow the pattern.
00 04=xx yy Defaults
04 08=Splice Example
08 0C=Another
30 34=Dinosaur Egg Minigame In Hub Map

No Racers On Regular Races
8000D013 0001
Easy mode for normal races and silver coins,excludes bosses.

Weird Racers
8000D09F 00F4
Clones in normal races and bosses get their souls stolen by Taj's carpet.

Always Become Diddy In Races
8000D0CB 0000
You return to your chosen character when in the hub areas.

Racers Are Tricky Boss
8000D0CF 0000
8000D0DB 0001
Race starts before you do,ending a race causes odd results.

All But One Clones and Krunch VS
8000D3D3 0014
All 3 rivals are Krunch in challenges.

All Racers Clones
8000D483 0000
Normal races only.

All AI Racers Controlled Via P2
8000D4AF 00xx
00=All P1 Controlled Weirdly
01=Via P2

Reverse Races
8000D507 0000
Bosses in races and 1 racer in boss levels,you always end up using a car.
Final Wizpig still scripted to load plane.
02=Bosses Are Single Racer

Model Image Mismatch
8000D5F3 0000

First Boss and Wizpig Looks Like Diddy
8000D63B 0000
8000D64F 00C0
Others may crash.

Boss Image Mod?
8100D63C 2419
8100D63E 00xx
00=Player One Car? (Banjo and Banjo)
02=Drumstick Car
04=Pipsy Car
06=T.T. Car
08=Diddy Car
0E=Dragon Boss
14=Taj's Carpet
16=Octopus Boss
1A=Rocket Wizpig

Displaced Racer Models
8100D644 2418
8100D646 00xx
Selecting from Taj still has correct models,Banjo used as test character.
(let me see you test all 8 players rigorously to find out who's who in order to list all details in massive paragraphs per value)
01=Banjo In Car is Pipsy In Car (freezes if hovercraft selected)
02=Banjo is Diddy
03=Banjo is Bumper In Hovercraft/Planes are all Hovercrafts
04=Banjo In Car Is Conker In Hovercraft
05=Cars are all Hovercrafts
0A=Cars are all Planes
12=Planes are all Cars

All Racers Look Like Krunch
8000D65F 005D

Racer Look Like The Same Character
8100D65C 2419
8100D65E 00xx
0A=Car is Krunch Hovercraft? (planes become cars)

Invisible AI Racers
8000D737 0001
Area loads faster as a result.

Wrong Way
8000D7D7 0004
Still counts laps even though the number doesn't go up.
Music proves it on the final lap and finishing.

T.T. Ghost In Normal Car Races
8000DACB 0000
Only for mastered tracks where he'd appear on Time Trial.

Ghost Krunch On Time Trial
8000DAFF 002C
8000DB27 0000

Ghost Diddy On Time Trial
8000DB27 0000

A Ghost In Time Trial Vehicle/Image Mod?
8000DB27 0000
8100DB2C 240F
8100DB2E xxxx
8100DB30 2419
8100DB32 yyyy
Combined values have mixed results beyond vehicle types.
Too confusing to get all stuff working.
0000;-0000=Krunch In Car
-000A=Krunch In Hovercraft
-0034=Dragon Boss
-0036=Large Snowball
-0037=Taj's Carpet
-0038=Octopus Boss
-003A=Rocket Wizpig
-003B=A Skybox
-003F=Star Tree
0001;-0000=Alt Krunch In Hovercraft
010F;-0000=Diddy Holding Sign

Another Image Time Trial Thing
8000DB27 0000
8100DB30 2419
8100DB32 xxxx
0000=Diddy Car
0001=Golden Taj Head

T.T. Doesn't Move
8100DBE0 0000
8100DBE2 0000

T.T. Image Mod
810DC7B8 xxxx
Sorry for lack of values,honestly lost internet for a while so couldn't refer to my older posts to get the values.
0085=Rare Logo

T.T. Is Your Character In Time Trial
8000DC23 0004

T.T. Ghost Object Mod?
8000DC57 00xx
Not image,just the actor,works on plane too.
02=Solid Colors Stuck
0C=Wrong Route
10=Lowest Poly
12=Another Explosion
1F=Walking T.T.! (honk at him)
3E=Taj! (transform gets stuck unless image is Taj,needs that ASM hack)
41=Exploding Banana Gift

Solid T.T. Ghost
8000DC77 0050
Collision is working.

Alt Solid T.T. Ghost
8000DC7F 0018

Instant Go Time Trial
8000DC83 0004
T.T. not moving.

Visually Solid T.T. Ghost
8000DC87 0068
Combine with image mod and/or collision.

Alt Visually Solid T.T. Ghost
8000DC8F 00FB

Large Racers
8000DDDB 0000
Most likely the cheat list ASM.

Massive Racers
8000DDDB 0000
8000DDE0 00E6

Small Racers
8000DE03 0000

Big Instead Of Small
8000DE03 0000
8000DE14 0066

Starting Boost In Hub
8000DE4C 0010
Time it right to get either one when entering rooms.

Fast Start
8000DE53 0032

Darkness Hard Trial Mode
8000E02B 0034
8000E02F 0078

Taj Actually Turns You Into Krunch
8100E2E4 0000
8100E2E6 0000
If not already him,reverts on room change.

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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0)

Everything Invisible
8000E95F 0000

Frozen 2D Object Images
8000EB1F 0001

Skybox Racers
8000EF83 0044
Unstable with potential stuttering.

Racers and 3D Object Images Mod
8100EF94 2404
8100EF96 xxxx
Sorry for not listing values.
0013=Diddy In Car
0014-0018=Low-poly Diddy Car
00E5=Dragon Boss
0133=Banjo Standing

Cars Lack Wheels
8000F253 0044

Minor Corruption
8000F3AF 0054
Weird lighting racers and sound can break.

What Is Happening?!?
8000F507 0064
Needs to be used with a savestate in the hub area to enter Dino Domain.

Color Changing Square Shadows
8000F513 0050

Missing Vehicle Details
8100F55C 1000
Wheels and fans.

Brightly Lit Characters
8000F7FB 0044
Works on bosses as well.

Darkened Lighting Characters
8000F86F 0058
Boss works too.

Cool Dark Lighting
8000F943 0000
8000F94F 0000

Glitched Lighting
8000FBD7 0054

Bugged Doors
8100FD52 00F4

Lingering Objects?
8001000B 0000
Missile explosions can linger,hit Tricky with one for endless hits.
Prone to freezing eventually.

Race Never Starts
800109E1 0000

Race Already Started
800109E3 0000

Missing Racers/Cheating Bosses
80010AD7 0004
80010ADC 00E5
At least Tricky cheats and racers are gone or stuck.

Stiff Characters
81010B00 0000
81010B02 0000
Taj can break your neck?!?
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Old 18th July 2018, 02:53 AM
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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0)

Confused Doors and Objects
80010B53 0004

Freeze Time
D02CD54 0008
80010BBF 0060
D012CD54 0004
80010BBF 005C
Excludes racers and timer.

Alt Freeze Time
D012CD54 0008
80010BE3 003C
D012CD54 0004
80010BE3 0038

Another Freeze Time
D012CD54 0008
81010C18 1000
D012CD54 0004
81010C18 1222

Yet Another Freeze Time
D012CD54 0008
80010C21 0000
D012CD54 0004
80010C21 0041
Can use 0C29 as an alternate address for both lines.

Automated Doors
80010C47 0001

Alt Automated Doors
80010C4B 0000

Again Time Freezer
D012CD54 0008
80010CEF 003C
D012CD54 0004
80010CEF 0038

Taj Carpet Challenge Insanity
80010F6F 0000
May have already found this code before.

Early Starts
80010F83 00B0
Also prevents music from playing.

Some Characters Look Sad
800111DB 000B

Rapidly Blinking Eyes
800111F3 000C

Sometimes Terrible Framerates
800111F7 0060

Glitchy Polygons
8001120F 000B

Weird Broken Races
800115A4 00E7

2D Sprite Shenanigans
80011A23 0090

Invisible 2D Sprites
80011D0B 0000

Ghostly 2D Sprites
80011D53 003D

Yellow Sprites?
80011EFB 0000
80011F0B 0000

Weird Green Object Lighting
8001211F 0000
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