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Default Missing Textures

I was playing Zelda majora's mask on my project64, after a while I realized that the textures were missing. (An example in this image below)

My project64:

project64 from others:

I've already researched a lot, and couldn't make them appear, is there a way to make them appear in Project64

Please note: I was using google translator to write this because I don't speak much english so sorry for any errors.

Edit: I can't send prints of my game showing the missing textures, but an example of them is the holes in zelda majora's mask, they don't show up just after I get in the hole.

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Default Missing Textures

I'm missing some textures, specifically the barriers textures but only at night.

Doing some brief research into the texture folder, I see only exists the following: "FSX_IT_BLASTF" and "FSX_IT_BLASTF1"
I probably need the night textures, because if I add the _LM to the end of the name i get the images but for the day.

I just do not know if only I have this problem, but in case there are some pictures of the problem:
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I've had the same issue a few times. Would be great to get it improved.
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