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Default Duke Nukem 64 Glitchy Graphics

I downloaded Duke Nukem 64 just a few moments ago, and excitedly started up a round of nostalgia. I got the controls set up to be comfortable and easy to play on a keyboard, (Because I prefer it to an xbox controller.) Then I started the game, and was instantly disappointed.
First graphical issue that I noticed was the fact that as I walk in game, gray squares flash on the screen in somewhat random sizes, mostly kinda centered. I don't really know how else to describe it. I can't quite get a screencap either, so.. Just try to imagine a gray square flash around the outside area of the screen, just leaving a small square untouched in the middle and upper area.
The second issue is that I can see stuff through the walls. I have a screen-shot of the problem, but I can't post links yet. If I look towards the lobby from the car in the first level, I can see the stool in the ticket booth, the garbage can in the lobby, the bombs in the hidden room, and the dancing girl. Anyone know why this is happening? I tried changing to Glide's, Jabo's, and Rice's graphics plugins.
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Chances are, if you've played around with the gfx options on all 3 of these plugins and can't fix it, then it means there's probably no current HLE solution.
Occasionally you might be able to solve a problem by using an older version of a plugin, but for Duke Nukem, who knows .

I'll try out different plugins myself and let you know if I find anything good.
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