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Default Problem with WWF No Mercy Cheat

It seems Auto Pin for Player 2 doesn't work. It works for Player 1, 3 and 4...but 2 doesn't do anything. Is this a known issue at this point and maybe I just need to update the code or something?

EDIT: Nevermind. I'm an idiot. I thought the code meant that if I turned it on for Player 2, it would Auto-Pin Player 2 (with me as Player 1), or if I was position as Player 3 in a 4 Way match, I needed to make sure to turn it off for Player 3. But I see now that I just need to turn it on for Player 1 at all times.

EDIT 2: Now I don't what is right anymore. I was using this in Championship Mode for the IC Title path. And it put me in a Handicap match, wanting to get this match over with as quick as possible I turned on Auto-Pin Player 3 thinking that I needed that on since I was positioned as the third person in the match...but one of the other guys got the Auto-Pin on me. So replaying the match I put the code on for Player 1 instead...and it gave it to me. The next chapter was another Handicap match, thinking it worked before I left it on Player 1...but nothing, I had to change the code to Player 3 this time for it to work. Chapter 9 ANOTHER Handicap match, and I had to change it back to Player 1 again.

I'm confused on how Auto-Pin is supposed to work. It would be nice if it was just set for Player 1 and it meant I could Auto-Pin my opponents regardless of where I'm positioned on screen.

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