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Old 7th January 2019, 03:27 AM
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Default "Unable to find a suitable pixel format" error with ReShade

I've been using ReShade with Pj64 and GlideN64 for several years but recently the emulator has become incapable of booting games with ReShade installed. GlideN64 gives me an "unable to find a suitable pixel format" error, and then Project64 gives me this error:
01556,Error,User Interface,CNotificationImp:isplayError,CN64Syste m::EmulationStarting: Exception caught
File: N64System\N64Class.cpp
Line: 537
This issue would occasionally happen with previous builds of GlideN64, but it could be bypassed by changing the Windows compatibility mode, disabling GlideN64's "store compiled shaders" option, or turning framebuffer emulation off. With more recent GlideN64 versions, none of these tricks work and nothing gets the games to load.

I've tried PJ64 video and it also fails and gives this error when loading a game (is it also openGL?):
08696,Error,User Interface,CNotificationImp:isplayError,Error setting display mode
Of course, these plugins load games just fine when ReShade's openGL dll is removed from Pj64's installation folder. ReShade's own logs seem to show something going wrong at this point:

Dumping pixel format descriptor:
21:15:48:097 [09664] | INFO | +-----------------------------------------+-----------------------------------------+
21:15:48:097 [09664] | INFO | | Name | Value |
21:15:48:097 [09664] | INFO | +-----------------------------------------+-----------------------------------------+
21:15:48:097 [09664] | INFO | | Flags | 0x1025 |
21:15:48:097 [09664] | INFO | | ColorBits | 32 |
21:15:48:097 [09664] | INFO | | DepthBits | 24 |
21:15:48:097 [09664] | INFO | | StencilBits | 0 |
21:15:48:097 [09664] | INFO | +-----------------------------------------+-----------------------------------------+
21:15:48:097 [09664] | INFO | > Returned format: 0

In the interest of shedding some light on what's going wrong can anyone explain what Pj64's error codes mean and what line 537 is referencing?

My system-
Windows 10x64
Nvidia GTX 970
Intel i5 6600k
(And the games are being run at a screen and rendering res of 1440x2560)
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