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Exclamation OOT Song of Storms Error

Entering Kakariko Village After completing the Water Temple a cutscene plays. After the cutscene, my screen went black and so I saved state, restarted, and loaded state to which I got this error:
Fatal Error: Stopping emulation

Doing some searching I was told to change my CPU core style under Recompiler under Game Settings.
I changed my CPU core style from Recompiler to Interpreter.. Now loading state brings up this in windowed mode:

and brings up this in fullscreen mode:

In both modes, I can hear the rain and cows mooing. Pressing pause, jump etc. does not wield and sound effects leading me to believe I have no input.

I am using
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA).z64

I am willing to supply any more information needed, I very much liked the state I was at (what items, how many hearts, what skulleta I collected.) It made the game feel like mine. Switching emulators or settings is fine my only goal is to return to where I was. Thank you in advance.
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what happened so?
i have the same problem
dont know what to do
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I had this error actually happen in the well. After falling through the floor a few times the game crashed with this error.

However I updated glideN64 plugin to 4.0 that was just released and the issue didn't happen.

Strange bug and error
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