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Default Controller not working

So I have just downloaded p64 after a few years of not playing it. Installation was easy, plugin setup was easy too. Then I start my ROM and the title screen reads "no controller" even though I had set and saved my keys in the plugin. So I closed the program and restarted it only to find all the controller settings switched back to default settings. I did a quick internet search, found a few others that had the same problem but no solution, so I thought I would post my solution maybe it'll help somebody.

I checked the properties of the p64 folder and noticed that the permission settings did not allow for writing, only reading. So I changed that, deleted my controller plugin's config file, and restarted p64. Worked like a charm.
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Default Same problem

Trying to play Rogue Squadron and same problem, can choose button patterns but game says "no controller". I tried the permissions under Properties but it didn't fix the problem
Any other ideas?
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As dumb as this may seem, it CAN be overlooked. Now, I don't know what plugin your'e using for input, but if it's the default Jabo input plugin be sure that you've ticked the "Controller is plugged in" box at the top right. If that doesn't work then use the search bar (drop down arrow). I know I've seen issues where games (Banjo-Tooie) having the message of "no controller" have been solved.
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