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Default n64 multi controller issue

I have Project64 v2.3.2 installed on a windows 7 computer (also tested this on a windows 10 computer)

2 OEM N64 controller's hooked up to my pc using hyperlink adapters.

both controllers show up as 2 separate controllers under windows devices.

its using this "NRage for PJ64" for the controller input.

i can configure both controllers in the controller configuration menu no problem. i triple checked that the box for "plugged" is checked under both controllers.

when i try to play mario kart. only 1 controller works. Also when i get to the select a player screen the 1 controller moves both of the shaded boxes that you select your player with, at the same time.

ive searched for hours to figure this out. please god help. thank you.
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Update: I figured it out after 4 hours. Im just updating in case someone else has this issue.

This was on my windows 7 setup:

Uninstalled everything plus the remaining project64 folder

Downloaded fresh Project64 v2.3.2 off the website.

Installed it. Plugged in both controllers to the USB ports.

**Restarted the computer with controllers plugged in**

started up project64

opened controller configuration. configured the first controller and clicked save.

opened controller configuration back up went to controller 2. clicked "plugged" check box and configured all buttons

clicked save. loaded up golden eye and it worked. then mario party it worked. then finally mario kart. yes thank god it worked.
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