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This is kinda lame, but in this instance I'm happy to be lame. I just felt I had to let you know what a stupendous amount of gaming pleasure you have brought to my life. I sometimes wondered if I was overly nostalgic about the N64, wondered whether it was really as good as I remembered. Well you know what, it was and you have put a new lease of life into it. So thank you many times over. Anyone who works/has worked on this application has legend status in my book.

/crazy adulation
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Yes, Indeed. The N64 is my all-time favourite console. It bought a lot of happiness into my life, and indeed PJ64 is amazing.

Thumbs up from me, too
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I'm glad you feel this way. Quite honestly I don't play for pleasure anymore except on the rare occasion. If I play it's because I'm testing of working on new codes . I just have found that I don't enjoy myself playing anymore because of the whole amounts of work placed upon me at Umass.
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