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Default Multimedia Center Idea.

[Also posted at emutalk.net]
Hi there.
I got (what I think is) a good idea of make a "add-on" of Project64 (and for similar emulators as well) to a multimedia center (ex. Windows Media Center or XBMC for Windows). I don't know if this would be hard to make (Windows Media Center might be the most challenging compared to an open-source one).

The idea goes like this:

- You open up your mediacenter in your living room.
- Narrowing down to "Games"
- You choose between "Nintendo 64", "Play Station 1", ect.
- Find your game (maybe with an icon, since the Nintendo 64 emulation got hi-rez opportunities and easly make a fan-based logo for each game, so we don't end up with breaking any copyright paragraphs).
- Choose between "Info" witch contains information about the game (like you see back at the game-covers), "Play" witch starts the emulator in to emulate the console and the game in the mediacenter, "Details" witch contains plugin-settings (maybe make a little background-program that scans the computers hardware and recommends some plug-ins) and last, "Screens", witch goes online in the mediacenter GUI and download user-submitted screens of the game (ex. from a respected forum)

As I said (or wrote to be correctly),
This isn't something that I expect to happen, but just an idea, that I think might be something that people would like.

What do you guys here at the forum think about it?
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I was thinking the same thing i think this is a great idea. any of the programmers who made pj64 like it. i think tht integration with XBMC would be great. it would make my MEdia Center Complete.
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would be nice to have some sort of tab on the upside... like: Video, music and roms or something like that...
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I think this idea would be more of an add-on for the media centers (Windows Media Center and XBMC) then for PJ64, since it would probably be just an application launcher.
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i like the idea

Full Screen User Friendly Pj64 interface / Navigate using a Remote Control/GamePad. / Use a remote to quit game.
Launch through vista MCE. this way its possible to sit your chair, navigate games with remote then play with a wireless pad

Jnes should have this too
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