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Default Gauntlet Legends Help

Hello, I have used project 64 a little bit, and have updated from the default graphics plugin to Mudlords Rice (Build 6.1.3)
I have downloaded a rom for Gauntlet Legends. When I launch the rom, it just remains a black screen. The frame rate is around 59-60, but nothing is visibly changing. There is no sound either. I have tried to find a solution, and many issues I have noticed for this rom, are usually solved by getting Rice video plugin, which I have, or downloading Glide64. Every link to Glide64 however, is outdated and leads me to a missing page. Any assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Also, at the rom list in PJ64 the status is "Issues (plugin)", notes (core) is "High system requirements" and notes for default plugins is "[video] missing status bar. flicker"
Once again any help would be appreciated.
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You can get a mirror for Glide64 from the Plugin Information sticky at the top of this forum. I put a link to it with other plugins.

I prefer using RiceVideo for GauntletLegends since it's the only way to see the HUD, but Glide64 is more accurate than Rice and less hacky.

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