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Old 1st November 2013, 11:35 AM
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Default Kaillera netplay with more than one local player

This isn't really the right forum to post this seeing as I'm not using Project64, but on the first page is a discussion about God, so...

Anyway, what I'm trying to do is use Mupen64++ Beta to play multiplayer games (ie. Mario Party 2) over the Kaillera client with my friend over in Spain. We've tested this already; it works perfectly, no desyncs occur, everyone is happy!

Now you see, all I want to do is actually pretty simple in theory -- have a second player (my girlfriend) who is physically with me in the same room on the same PC, be able to play with myself and said friend from Spain. But for the life of me it just refuses to work.

I've tried N-rage's input plugin as well as Jabo's DirectInput plugin; both have exactly the same results. I'm using two Xbox 360 wireless controllers, both of which are functioning perfectly when I'm simply playing locally on the emulator itself. However, as soon as I enable Kaillera in order to play over the internet, the second controller refuses to work, so I hazarded a guess that perhaps Kaillera itself only allows the very first controller to work, for whatever reason.

Fair enough, but what if I simply open the emulator a second time? This is where it just gets WEIRD.

I copied and pasted the entire emulator folder to another location (another hard drive, in fact) just to make sure there is absolutely no synchronisation of configuration files and whatnot between each emulator. However, as soon as I configure each controller for their own separate emulator (ie. one controller is player 1 on one emulator, the other controller is also player 1 but on the OTHER emulator), the other emulator automatically selects the same controller. What I mean by this is that both plugins clearly define each controller as separate with their own configurations, yet as soon as I save the settings in one emulator, the other emulator automatically selects the same controller as the first emulator, so I get exactly the same result over Kaillera; only the very first controller works, for both emulators.

The same thing happens with my network settings. Once I've saved my Nickname and Connection type in Kaillera, the other emulator has exactly the same options selected.

Can anyone explain how on earth these two emulators are having identical settings despite being in completely different hard drives with separate settings? Do plugins communicate in a way that I'm completely unaware of or something?
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