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Old 18th August 2017, 04:44 AM
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Default What would you like to see done with Project64

with Project64 being on Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/Project64). I thought I would give the user a bit more control over what I am working on in Project64.

I will describe all the items in the poll below, if you have any questions or thoughts you can add them to this thread:

The poll to select what you want:

Wiki Website:
Building/styling a wiki website for project64 to hold all the document, this includes trying to make sure most things are well documented.
Needed for: To have one central place for documentation that I and other people can add to as there is no good places for documentation for Project64 at the moment.

Forum Upgrades:
The forum works mostly, but there is some upgrades that are needed, like new captcha, new template, general bug fixes (avatar upload)
Needed for: General improve the discussion forum, work better on mobile devices

Test roms:
Peter lemon has already created some great test roms and it would be to add/change these.
Needed for: To better test and make sure the functionality is the same in the emulator as on real hardware.

Improve Cycle accuracy.
While timing works in general, it is not very accurate. It is basically going on average an OP takes this amount of time, so set the time each op takes to be the average (counter factor setting). While the average might be true that does not mean that block of code actually takes that time. It would need test roms to validate things took the same amount of time. Most likely having to look at cache for timing of cache misses, etc.

Need for: Getting emulation more accurate

Add netplay:
Look at code to allow native netplay so you can link multiple devices together to play. Something I wanted for a long time but never gave it the priority to actually get it done. Lots of the code/infrastructure was build with net play and making sure things could stay synced inside.

Needed for: To be able to multiplay on multiple devices at the same time

Low Level emulation:
There is AngryLion’s RDP plugin that has near perfect LLE emulation in software. It would be good to get a version of code that could work like this plugin inside Project64 Video. I would like to see a version of LLE that can be run in software and have very similar compatibility with AngryLions code and a hardware based LLE implementation. There is already a hardware based version implemented based on ziggy’s Z64, it just does not have very good results. While the software version should be able to produce nearly pixel perfect results. The hardware should be a lot faster and be able to scale resolutions better.

Needed for: to have a good implementation of LLE in the video plugin

Improve Project64-video:
Been busy working on removing all reference to glide/voodoo. There is a lot more to be done in making the code more accurate and cleaner. The aim is to make this the default plugin in 2.4 and going forward where it is more accurate and better than jabo’s plugin in all ways. Having a good hardware based LLE implementation should be comparable to HLE and a good refrence to improve things.

Needed for: Having a better default video plugin

making android recompiler faster:
One of the complaints about android is it is not fast enough. It does have an arm recompiler in it, but more work can be done to profile and make the slower code faster. Not all ops are well optimized.
Needed for: Faster android emulation

Refactor/Clean up RSP:
The main code based has been well cleaned up, but the RSP code barely been touched. Things like having the interpreter running at the same time as the recompiler to verify they are the same is not really possible. It could be made to be faster as well. It was not fully optimized doing LLE video emulation. At the time of writing it was just used for audio emulation so it was optimized for that. It is just running on windows, not portable.

Needed for: Have a more maintainable and improved RSP, that could also be ported to other platforms.

Create a basic open source audio plugin:
This is creating a new open source audio plugin, there is an audio plugin for android that can be used as the base. This is to replace Jabo’s Audio plugin, so that the emulator is 100% open source. There is also the possibility to use Azimer plugin or using elements in the basic audio plugin, so it is a simple good working cross platform plugin.

Need for: To have a 100% open source emulator

64bit version:
This is a feature that gets requested a lot. The RSP would need to be refactored, new audio plugin. The core it self will run in 64bit at the moment with the interpreter. So this task is mostly getting a working 64bit recompiler.

Need for: To get project64 faster

New UI for GlideN64
I will not add GlideN64 with its currently level of difficulty in building and the amount of bloat in it. This is mostly due to the config UI. With re-writing the settings UI that is just used for project64 I could look at least including it in the install package.

Need for: To be able to add GlideN64 in to the Project64 package/installer

Enhancement Build
Work has been done in finding lots of cheat code to improve games, like including the frame rate. There is also overclock functionality been added to project64. To use any of this at the moment it is manual effect. This task is about collecting all the cheats into one location that can be turned on by default as well as default overclock value.

Need for: To have golden eye 60 fps on a default install
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