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Old 10th December 2018, 04:15 PM
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Exclamation GameSir G4s and Rumble Pak. Help Me!

Hello everybody, this is my first thread! Before I start, I'd ask for sorry to any english mistake, this is not my native language! Google translator is my friend, it will help me.

So, these days I have bought a Bluetooth Gamepad to play on my Smartphone Android and Windows PC, this Gamepad's name is GameSir G4s, this Gamepad has Rumble/Vibration support (that I'm going to call only as Rumble in this thread), and I can test it by pressing Turbo + Up/Down (to change it's Rumble intensity) and its working as intended, also, it always rumble when I pair it's Bluetooth on my Android/PC, so I can assume its not broken.

I'm enjoying playing F-Zero X and I found a list that shows all games supported by the Ruble Pak acessory, and F-Zero X is there!

Look: bit.ly/2B7l8wJ

So, I went to Optios>Config Controller Plugin>Controller Pak

I enabled RawData and on the right options list I chose Rumble Pak, and so, I can see the "Force-Feedback Device" that I can only enable/disable "Visual Rumble", the other options are inaccessible (gray font) and there are no options in the list, just a "None". The Gamepad do not rumble during all the game. No matter if it's connected by Bluetooth or USB Cable.

My PC is a Windows 7 64bits (Windows Update is Up-To-Date)
Can anyone help a new F-Zero X fan to able his Gamepad to Rumble?
Thank you for your attention.

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