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Old 13th December 2019, 11:52 AM
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Default Majora's Mask Save data anomally (spooky?)

Hello everyone.

I wanted to reach out to HatCat as he may be the only one who can solve this, but he doesn't accept PMs.

Short version: I have a save game file that appears to read differently on consoles/emulator versus the save game editor tool that HatCat created, for inexplicable reasons and I think it's a bug in the original save game data.

Long version: So I have a Majora's Mask cartridge I played about 10 years ago, and tried to complete the game with all heart pieces. Somehow I missed one even while using a guide. I went back to every location the heart pieces are, every quest etc. to double check but still could not get that last piece. I was so sure I had all of them but the game says no.

Fast forward 10 years, I buy a Retrode, dump the save, saveswap it to the correct format for Project64, and load it into the emulator. Still missing that last heart piece. So I decided to try HatCat's save editing tool. After spending ages just figuring out how to get the tool to just show me how many heart pieces I am missing so it would list the location of the final piece, I get something surprising: 0 heart pieces missing as per the pic. What gives?
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