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Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
Maybe more can be done to improve news and changes. This site needs to be redone, but I have been focused on improving things in the code over the site.

you can see there that there has been a lot of work done in the last two years.

A lot of work has also been done to make sure things still work similar and work well.

What would you like to see or how would you know things are different the way you want?

New developers do tend to go to new systems, but I have been working a long time on Project64.
i think the emu does a good job but i will have to redownload it again because the last time i used it (end of last year) i found some games using the default plugin didnt work well when putting to my tv, yet glide worked well.

some games i found problems that prevented me from playing where as before it remember doing the game fine.

im sure others will say maybe support to make some games that arent really playable, like RE2, i think Turok 3 had issues and Indiana Jones.

other than that the emu is great
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