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Only thing I see is that someone added link time optimization - probably in accordance to the other makefiles - do you think that this could cause such a difference?

Originally Posted by Ambient_Malice View Post
I have no clue why, but the 64 bit version of m64p runs Naboo/Infernal much better than the 32 bit version, particularly in dynarec mode. Both games suffer extreme rendering errors resulting in geometry flickering and portals rendering incorrectly, but the 64 bit version is completely unaffected. I've mentioned this fact on the mupen64plus google group, along with my RSP findings. Hopefully this results in some improvements.
As mentioned on the group, this one's rather easy to explain, the 64-bit dynarec is different from the 32-bit dynarec as it has to compile to a slightly different architecture, chances that there are some fixes/bugs in there the 32bit dynarec doesn't have and vice versa are pretty high

I think the m64p team need to set up a proper automated build system, because the bitbucket thing is just... there. Chugging along like some ghostly compiler attempting to fulfill the dying wish of its creators. There's no way to download old binaries for testing, which is particularly annoying for obsessives like me.
I just checked the commit logs and it does seem like ecsv still keeps it updated and stuff, there where some things he definitely did manually not too long ago, so it probably isn't outdated. And it's git you most definitely can download older builds. Bitbuckets webinterface just isn't that much use, you'd have to use a git client and checkout the revision at a certain point in time to get the build from that date (in retrospect, now it makes sense why the repository download is mentioned as being 190MB, the whole repo is actually that big because of course the file history remains, it just starts to download whatever, maybe use the branch -> master download on your next try as I don't know WHAT it actually downloads if you click that repository link ) that said a git-bisect to figure out when exactly the regression happened would be really cool.

I tested Indiana now and I definitely don't have that big of a slowdown with SSSE3 compared to SSE2 BUT it also isn't any particularly faster with it (used z64gl and indiana (U) to test, maybe the game version also makes some difference?)

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