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Default Switching Between Mempaks

Okay, I just updated from 1.6 to 2.3 because I couldn't get any of the hi-rez stuff to work on my new computer.
In 1.6 when using the NRage controller plugin you could direct it to a directory for mempaks, and switch between them as needed.

I am playing the wrestling game No Mercy. Mempaks are used to store created wrestlers. Each only stores 18 characters.
I have about 40 different saved characters on several mempaks.
The plugin still gives the option to change the directory. It sees the mempaks. It lets me select them. What it no longer does, is pay any attention to them. It just keeps using the default one.
I have tried renaming them, I have tried putting them in multiple directories. I have searched for every iteration of this topic I could think of, and have no answer.

Now, please tell me that there is something simple I've overlooked, rather that that the bright sparks that developed ver 2.3 somehow never imagined someone might want to actually use more than one mempak for a game.
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