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Originally Posted by G3SG1 View Post
scuse me by annoyin again with this stupid thread but speaking of cartoon network... do you remember those music clips they used to play? I mean there was one of courage the cowardly dog, one of powerpuff girls, performed by "Apples in the stereo" and finally one about Ed, Edd n' Eddy, that's the one I want, well... just the music. On the clip they were like... toys and sarah was chasing them while they were running in a gay pink toy car, I think the chorus says something like "...come in the eddy's world..." Do you know where to find that song? or the name of the clip?
haha, sorry but I have not watched Cartoon Network since I was 12 years old I think, maybe 13, I stopped watching TV pretty regularly after I got into computers.

I don't know anything about the bands.

But I miss Courage the Cowardly Dog XD

Stupid Dog.
You made me look bad!
*gets out this crazy-ass frekkin mask*
*dsx! jumps up and screams*
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Question Castlevania

Hey there people once again annoyed by this thread.

Can you give me a cheat to make available all the characters on Castlevania? I'm tired of cornell.

Thanks in advance.

================================================== =========================

Oh, you might think "So what? I down't give a sh*t!" but I found the soundtrack I was looking for.

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