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Default Different type of Controllers help :(

I have had previous problem configuring my Xbox One Controllers on project 64 2.3.2
But thanks to a YouTube video I put n64input.dll under plugin etc.
I usually play alone but had a friend come over and attempt to play.
We tried pluging his DS4 Controller in but “no dice”.

Can any you solve this problem please?

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I suppose the request would be: is there any chance you'd consider adding controller support to the pc users?
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I assume you are the same person. What drivers are you using to connect your ps4 controller?
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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Exclamation Solution, I Guess?

I know that i am like a year late but, have you turned on XInput on the controller settings? You'll also need a program like InputMapper (the program i use) to make the controller you are using so it can be simulated as a Xbox 360 controller. But when done with that you're gonna have to map the controllers to what you want and done!
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Default n64 contoller

just get a n64 gamepad for pc that has usb you can get them on ebay for cheap
thats what i did and it works great
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no problem
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Default -

Just got my fibreglass bonnet and boot thanks to kizza on bait of a budget just wondering if any one had tryed blackboard paint outdoor stuff would I have to prime it first appresheate some help.thanks
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