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Default Donkey kong 64.

Hello , i'm sorry for my english but i'm having problems with Donkey kong 64 on Project64.

I'm gonna try my best to explain , excuse my english.

It hapenned in the older version too , i upgraded to the beta today but whatever.
When i'm playing donkey kong 64 and a cinematic appears , there's always a line that appear on the left of the screen. Its not a big problem but its really annoying.

Sorry for the huge picture , my screen is big.

Thats for the line , thats only when im changing map.
For a long cinematic , it appears on the left of the screen and its ugly and annoying. I can't stop looking at it.

That's my little problem. I can play with it.
Here's my biggest concern.
Sometime when i climb a tree , the screen become blue for about 5 seconds and flash. I can't take a screenshot of it because its totally random.
When this happen , it teleport me at the begenning of the level so i have to walk back.
If i can't fix this problem , i won't play donkey kong 64.
It's not my pluggin , i tried with glide64 and it hapenned too.

Could it be the rom ?
The emulator?

I tried 2 differents roms of the game and it always do the same thing.

Help appreciated.
Thank you , Jayron
(Again , sorry for my english , i did my best D= )

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I am going to sleep , i found a video of whats happening to me.


(DOT) = .
Can't link a video because i don't have 5 posts.

Thank you !
I am going to bed now and i will see the answers tonight. (If i get answers of course.)

EDIT: Ah and i almost forgot , it's not only glitching on this game
I tried Mario kart 64 and when i finish a race and start the next one , see whats hapenning :

The sound is a bit glitchy on Mario kart also. Fine on donkey kong.
I'm using defaults plugins , i tried glide64 but it was doing the same thing.
Tried the donkey kong 64 rom from 3 differents website and it's not fixing the problem.
I don't understand.

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Default Same thing

hello, it does the same thing during the game and sometimes I move the monkey and I see it larger like the effect of a Mirror and it comes to the original form after. Concerning your problem I did not found anything on the net to solve that.
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donkey kong 64 has had this issue of polygons spurting out of the character it's more of an issue with the game then the emulator i was in the second world level"whatever"and i had to swing on vines past sandpits the strange thing is the polygon spurting caused the game to send me back to the start this issue has been around in all emulator versions far as i know.

all games have some small issue such as that green line it happens from time to time

it's best if you play mario kart 64 in version 1.6(public release) or use the graphic plugin jabo's 1.6
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