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Red face I have a question...

I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to hacking wii and stuff. But I have project64 on my comp, ssb64, the homebrew channel, gecko OS...

Is there any way to get project 64 on to the wii and be able to play smash 64 on it?

Also... woot... first post...
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not really possible ( well all things are possible, but this would take an extreme amount of work and i do not see it happening)
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Oh, never mind, I got it a different way. Thanks though, I'm still having fun on the comp version, too.

But I have another question. I downloaded some textures for smashbros64, how do I apply them to the game with Project 64?
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Public version with the current graphics plugin for that version has no retexturing support. You may find a plugin "Rice's Video Plugin" of use.

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