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Default Direct3D8 plugin update

First some game fixes
> Fire Pen should work better now (thanks to RadeonUser for his help)
> Ogre Battle 64 should work now and not be slow as shite
Now the real fun
I've had a lot of people asking for a real basic texture dumper and ability to load external textures, that is now implemented in the Advanced Panel
Textures will be dumped in the root folder as bitmaps, for right now, using the internal header name to create a subfolder (ie. PJ\textures-save\ZELDA), they are loaded in PNG format from 'hires-textures' under the pj main folder as well. (ie. PJ\textures-load\ZELDA\*.png)
As far as compatibility you should find that most 3D textures work, I doubt most if any 2D ones will. We are really at the point where we want to evaluate this feature, like can we make enough quality texture packs so the average user would find it interesting down the road, as this is a lot of work for just a novelty feature for us to play.
Please help us evaluate this as well as build texture packs, we really need as much help as we can get here. Emutalk.net has some great artists doing packs, I would recommend starting there. If we get enough packs we will make them available to beta members - you can definitely help us by submitting packs for everyone to enjoy.
Gent has made an example Aerogage pack that is posted in the beta downloads section.
(note from Smiff: this build appears to crash the .exe with most games when games are started. because of time differences, I was in bed when this was posted so didn't test it. will talk to Jabo as soon as possible. suggest going back to previous D3D8 build for now. sorry about this).
Fixed, new build posted. (Issue relates to way site makes builds, info passed to Zilmar).Thanks Jabo!
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