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Hello hamduden,

ok, let's see what we can do! I'm at work at the minute so I don't have my computer with me. However I should be able to remember the very first steps to get you going and we'll build on it from there.

I'm assuming you're going to install Project64 on a Windows PC? If so try this link below which can also be found just by left clicking on the Project64 logo at the top left of any of the pages on this forum.


Select Get Project64 for Windows obviously which will download the Project64 installation file. I can't remember if it needed unzipping or not but either way once you have the necessary file install it on your PC.

The ROM you're looking for is simply Mario Kart 64 (US) and is quite easy to find. I found it on the below link by typing exactly that into Google a few minutes ago.

edited: *** no rom links ***

Download or move the file into somewhere where you can easily find it, as you'll need to open the ROM from Project64 once it's running.

Like I say, I'm not at home right now but from memory when you run Project64 there are a few drop-down tabs at the top left of the screen. I think one of them says File, click on it and on the drop-down menu one of the titles will be Open ROM. Click on that and you'll be given the option to browse the location of your ROM. Find it and off you go!

Like anything new, it takes a bit of getting used to the settings tabs. Luckily there aren't too many so have a play at navigating all the settings, including unticking the Hide Advanced Settings box. You will see tabs for Graphics, Audio and Controllers. Go in those to have a look and set your resolution and what ever else you want to adjust.

What controllers are you going to use?

I use all the standard plugins that are already loaded on Project64 although I think some people might use others for whatever reasons that I wouldn't understand anyway.

Once the ROM is running you can press escape to come out of full screen and you will see more settings that relate to the game you are running that aren't there when the ROM isn't running.

From memory (I can help you find these once I'm at my computer) you will need to set Counter Factor to 1 and tick FAT (Fixed Audio Timing). Counter Factor 1 will get the speed right and FAT has to be selected otherwise your pickups allocation in the game will be off and you'll get way too many lightnings.

Again, once you get back to me with further questions I'll get myself in front of my PC and answer them to the best of my ability.

You asked about other options. I've only used Project64 and it's so good that I've not felt the need to look elsewhere, and therefore can't comment on other emulators.

Anyway, see how you get on with that and I'll answer any questions as soon as I can around work/family life.



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Hello demilich,

as far as I'm aware it's for v2.3.2 on Windows and I'm not sure if it would work for Android or anything else, but I'm sure someone on here can help.


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Sounds fantastic. Thanks for the long guide here, I will test in the weekend or beginning of next week.

I will probably be using Xbox controllers as well. Will have to find enough for 4 players though.

Do you know if PS3/PS4 controllers will work as well? Not super important.

And of course focus on work and family time, I don't expect any more than a bit of attention when you have it

Have a nice weekend.
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You might wanna put these on

Enable 3/4 Player Music
8128EC9C 240E
8128EC9E 0001
8128F9C4 2409
8128F9C6 0001

Faster Load Times
800EA6D2 000D

Courtesy of retroben and theboy181
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Hi Rafaelele,

this is going to sound really stupid but what are both of these cheats please?

I'm trying to think back, there isn't any music on the console version on four player is there? Certainly can't remember missing anything when we made the jump from the console to the PC but anything's possible. Either way I'll give it a go to see what happens. Got some friends coming over tomorrow night to try it out.

Also, what's faster load times please? No doubt it'll be obvious once you mention it but I just can't think what it could be.

Thanks for your input, much appreciated

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Originally Posted by justin8571 View Post
Iím not at home right now but from previous help I know Iíve got counter factor set to one as that helped to increase the game speed, and for some very odd reason that Iíll never understand I was told to select Fixed Audio Timing as without it the pickups allocation is weird, and lightnings are given out far too often. Selecting FAT definitely worked and now the pickups are given out as youíd expect depending on your position in the race. I canít remember any other settings right now or whether Iím using interpreter or recompiler.

Hello Justin, I just wanted to clarify by saying that FAT enabled, was bad for RNG. Disabling it is what fixed the RNG issue. FAT has been improved since then, but still isn't as good imho .

Also Recompiler should be fine for that game, so I don't recommend using interpreter .
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Hello RPGMaster,

Thanks for that. Funnily enough we got together the other night, I thought I had the correct settings, and it kept throwing up too many lightnings. It wasn’t until just before our last set of races that I took a look at this thread and noticed your post.

I had it in my head that FAT had to be selected. Anyway, having read your post I deselected it for our last races. I’d need to give it a longer test the next time we race but you’re right, it was deselecting it that improved pickup distribution to what you’d expect from the console version.

Thanks again for your help and I’ll report back after our next evening which I think will be Tuesday 6th February.


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