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Old 15th February 2019, 03:19 AM
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Default Can't Configure START Button on iNNEXT N64 Wired USB

I am still fairly new to emulators. I just downloaded Project64 (Version on my Windows 10 PC.

I ordered 4 of the classic N64 controllers with USBs so that I can play the ROMs with the old school feel instead of the keyboard. I've watched a bunch of YouTube videos on configuring buttons for a USB controller, and it looked very simple:

Plug in the USB wired controller, open Project64, click "Options", click "Configure Controller Plugin...", and then one-by-one click each button option to assign a new input, and within 10 seconds press the corresponding button on the controller. It worked for most of the buttons, but for some reason when I try to configure the START button, it doesn't work. It just keeps coming up as "Unassigned".

Because it's "Unassigned", when I hit START on the controller while running Project64, all it does is go back and forth between making the emulator full screen and exiting the full screen. This one YouTube video I watched didn't have that issue. The guy in the video just pressed the START button, and it calibrated as "Gamepad: Button 9". So I'm just confused as to what I'm doing wrong. Normally I'd presume the controller is broken, but as I said, I ordered 4 of these controllers, and it doesn't calibrate the START button for any of them.

Can someone help?
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