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Default Save data transferring.

So I recently got a N64 emulator for my android. I was wondering if it is possible to transfer my save data to my android. I always save in game if that helps.
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I guess...

if you can find that emu's save directory, then plug in your android to your computer (can you do that? I don't know, I have a flip phone).

You'd then want to go to where PJ64 holds it's save data. If you use Windows Vista or 7 then there's some virtualstore or sumcrap that it has; someone else can tell you more about that.

drag and click.
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Yeah basically the same question to think of transferring across two machines with the same OS, just that the OS and emulator are different here and have different setups. Using "Save" as a subfolder name is a traditional standard but by no means necessary. Also if you're using an emulator to get it to work on Android that affects things, too...cause I've never heard of an N64 emulator for Android OS.
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