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Default Analog stick issues


I'm having problems with my Jetion gamepad jt-u5544 (it's similar to playstation 1 controller with dual analog).

When I play GoldenEye and press R-trigger to aim and a red crosshair appears on a screen, a slight movement of my analog causes it to move all the way to the left or right, the screen starts moving, and when i release it, it goes back to center of the screen. When watching some youtube videos, I see it's possible to move the crosshair all around the screen with ease, without it making sudden movements to the sides of the screen (Like on this video - /watch?v=W_wjqLAqFqE). Is there a way to fix this, or at least somewhat normalize it, or is this only doable on N64 controller?

I'm using N-Rage's DirectInput8 as my controller plug-in. I somewhat managed to fix the overall sensitivity during gameplay, but the sensitivity while aiming is still troubling me.
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I'm not a fan of the PS1 controller myself, but have you tried to adjusts the dead zone? this may make the controller more responsive.

I bout two of these, but still haven't tried them with PJ64, yet. They look and feel good though, but I am worried about latency.

Book recommendation!
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Default Analog Sticks

Definitely sounds like a deadzone issue. Open up the emu's controller settings and simply slide and adjust the deadzone. However, something else to try is calibrate the sticks within Windows. If you have windows 8-10, then type "Setup USB game controllers" in the Cortana search bar. If under Windows 7 then head to control panel, Devices and Printers and right-click your pad (appearing under devices) and choose "Game controller settings". A new windows pops up and double-click you're pad. A new window pops up, choose settings tab and calibrate.

Something to do is to allow each analog stick full range of motion for looking around AND movement. In other words, modernize the controls for GoldenEye (Perfect Dark as well).

I've covered this extensively in a previous post, so if you're interested, go HERE.
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