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Old 24th March 2011, 11:43 PM
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Default [HELP] Project 64 1.7 donation problem

Ok, so I donated $20 for a upgraded account to download Project 64 1.7. However, I don't know what happened it took $16.10 out of my gift card instead of $20. The statement in my email says that I payed/donated $20 though. Is there something wrong ? Also, is my account still gonna get upgraded ? If not can you please cancel this transaction so I could do it over. It might be because they took $3.90 dollars off my gift card for activating it "twice" since they didn't send my paypal activation code the first time. I know they'll re-add the $3.90 back to my gift card in 24 hrs, but will they add that $3.90 to the donation ?

~Much Appreciation

Forget it, I have access

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