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Old 3rd November 2017, 09:26 AM
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Majora's Mask (U)

Explosion Object Mod
810BACBE 0020
81300080 240E
81300082 00A2
81300084 10CE
81300086 0003
81300088 0000
8130008A 0000
8130008C 0802
8130008E EB85
81300090 0000
81300092 0000
81300094 240E
81300096 0000
81300098 2406
D130009A 0000
8130009A 00A2
D03E6B3A 0008
8130009A xxxx
D03E6B3A 0004
8130009A xxxx
D03E6B3A 0002
8130009A xxxx
D03E6B3A 0001
8130009A xxxx
8130009C AFA6
8130009E 0048
813000A0 0802
813000A2 EB85
Powder Kegs give different results,place object values you want and use d-pad ^/v/</> to change to your other choices then set off a bomb.
0009=Black Hole (can be changed around to end the black hole)
0010=Tatl Clones
0020=Zora Boomerang
0021=Drowning Ben's Wrath
00C4=Thundaga Bombs
00CE=Treasure Chests
00DA=Deku Nut Shrapnel
017B=Three Bugs
028C=Keaton (only in rooms where they actually appear)

Infinite Keaton Timer
810B9754 0C0C
810B9756 0030
813000C0 860E
813000C2 0000
813000C4 240F
813000C6 028C
813000C8 11CF
813000CA 0003
813000CC 0000
813000CE 0000
813000D0 0803
813000D2 1CD3
813000D4 0000
813000D6 0000
813000D8 2408
813000DA 0250
813000DC 1109
813000DE 0003
813000E0 0000
813000E2 0000
813000E4 0803
813000E6 1CD3
813000E8 0000
813000EA 0000
813000EC 2409
813000EE 7E7D
813000F0 A609
813000F2 02D6
813000F4 0803
813000F6 1CD3

Keatons No Longer Shy
81124040 2402
81124042 0005
Now you can visit them without needing the Keaton mask!
Just attack the magical grass or use the other code in a proper room to see the Keaton.
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