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Old 4th November 2014, 05:19 AM
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Default Cannot open a rom because plugins have not successfully initialised


Some help for this techno nubbin would be much appreciated.

I've searched on the net for answers to this problem already, but all of it goes over my head!

I downloaded and played Banjo Tooie on my Project64 2.0. The first time I load the Rom up after installing the program, I can play the game no problem. But once I've closed the client and reloaded the game, I get the error message

'Cannot open a rom because plugins have not successfully initialised'


CN64System::EmulationStarting: Exception caught File: .\N64 System\N64 Class.cpp Line: 258

I've tried reinstalling the program but the same thing happens - works the first time but doesn't work after restarting Project64.

I'm a complete computer noob in terms of technical terms, so very simple instructions would be much appreciated if any of ya'll can help !

Really wanting to get through Banjo Tooie! Never completed it 100%.

Thanks, Reece
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