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Smile Resident Evil 2 (Small Sound Issue)

Hey. First of all, thanks to the developers of Project64 for their hard work and support on the emulator. You're doing a great job.

Important note: I'm using Project64 2.1 default plugins for simplicity.

Using Jabo's Direct3D8 1.7, the sound was perfect in game using the following properties.

Sync Using Audio - made the sound perfectly smooth and in-line.
Fixed Audio Timing - made ear aching speech problems disappear.

I found while playing the game there was a depth buffer issue, where you were seen walking on cars, furniture while walking besides them:

I used the Glide64 for Project64 plugin but had errors despite several manual configurations:

But then I found Glide64 Napalm WX 1.1 and all graphics related issues seized completely:

A new problem was presented however using Glide64 Napalm WX 1.1: the sound seems to "skip" every few seconds while: Watching in game cut-scene's or on the item screen. But here's something interesting, I've noticed the V/I average on the item screen is 59.80 but below 60VI when the sound is Skippy. It's probably the cause. The V/I average otherwise is 60 V/I and there are no sound issues:

Could it be that my processor isn't sufficient to emulate this game properly? Using Jabo's Direct3D8 1.7, I don't have this problem. It seems to be a trade for graphics or sound. I'm wondering if there is any further configuration that could possibly fix this small issue?

System Setup
Default Configuration.

Toshiba Satellite P850 31L. (Laptop)
Intel Core I7 3630QM 2.4GHZ. (3.4GHZ Turbo)
4 Cores, 8 Threads, 6MB Cache, Graphics Support.
NVIDIA Geforce GT 640M. (Set to PJ64).
64 Bit Operating System On Windows 8 Basic.
8GB RAM DDR3 (1600MHZ) & (625MHZ GC + 2GB Memory).
AfterGlow AX.1 Xbox 360 Wired Controller.

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Yeah, sound is skippy when the emulator is slow.

Also, Glide64 was the only plugin to get the depth effect right, so you would have to use that plugin, unless you want to use angrylion's even slower rasterizer.
And LOL at that trollface zombie screenshot

If you have access to a Voodoo gfx card you could get quite a speedup from Glide64.
Or maybe Project64 build of Glide64 using OpenGL natively maintains the depth buffer fix, which you could probably get from the latest 2.1 package somewhere.
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Your processor is more than powerful enough, the way audio sync is handled in PJ64 2.x is weird (60VI/s constant in 1.7, something zilmar needs to fix for the next release) so there's a lot of issues like this, like when the graphics plugin limits the video speed (v-sync or whatever)

anyway, the problem is that the Glide64 For PJ64 plugin settings for RE2 were added to the RDB only for the (E) ROM, so add these in Project64.rdb or (Project64.cfg) for the (U) 1.1 ROM:


Graphics work perfectly with the "Glide64 For PJ64:" plugin.
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