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Exclamation Mario Kart 64 4 Player

Hi Guys,
There are probably a few posts already relating to this, however I haven't had any luck finding a solution. I am having speed issues with some tracks on Mario Kart 64 (e.g. DK Jungle), in addition to this I can never get 4 controllers to work. Every time I configure the 4th controller the config never saves correctly and player 3 also controllers player 4. Can someone please give me some recommended config on the below?

1. Good N64 Controllers (maybe an ebay link)
2. A controller plugin that works with player (and the above controllers)
3. Mario Kart Rom (what is the ROM that you have had the most success with)
4. A solution to the speed issues when play 4 player on some tracks
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Go on Amazon to get a good N64 controller I got a wired and wireless one from there brand new and it works great. Also if you an older one and the Joystick doesnt work well go into your windows control panel and calibrate the controller so the joystick wont be too touchy. And I use the default plugin that comes with PJ64 v1.6 for my controller.
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This is fixed in the latest git. Open up project64.rdb with a text editor and replace the contents with the latest version. https://github.com/project64/project.../Project64.rdb
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It's easier to copy from the "raw" Git file than from that page.

You can select all the relevant text on the page you linked, but things like whitespace may get misprocessed when copying outside of raw mode.
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Thanks guys, I will give this a go and let you know if I have any more issues.
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4 players mode, controller issues, mario kart 64, speed issues

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