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Old 11th January 2015, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by V1del View Post
Afaik the graphics flickers on characters and such can't be fixed by simply flipping some switch, that's something in the core. Yeah theoretically you can try all the counter factors from 1 to 3 and look what kind of effects they have on games usually whatever is set as default should work for most cases, but yeah, ultimately it's a hack and whatever value is to be set is a guesstimate which can only really be fixed with more accurate emulation
Use the Glide plugin....It seems to properly utilize the frame buffer for Rareware games when set up properly....
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Old 11th January 2015, 04:26 PM
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This is completely unrelated to the issue at hand lol, he already uses the glide plugin, it doesn't matter which plugin you use the flickers happen
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Old 12th January 2015, 02:03 AM
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You can use Jabo's plugin in 1.6 with the wrapper found here.

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Old 13th December 2015, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Dark Link View Post
The Counter Factor was already set at 1 by default. What does this Counter Factor thing do anyways?

I can post all the other information if that's of any help:

Memory Size: 8MB
Default Save-Type: 16kbit EEPROM
Counter Factor: 1
Vi Refresh Rate: 2200
AI Count per Byte: 500
32 Bit Engine: checked
Use TLB: checked
Fixed Audio Timing: unchecked
Sync Using Audio: unchecked
Delay DP Interrupt: checked
Delay SI Interrupt: unchecked
RSP Audio Signal: unchecked
CPU Core Style: Recompiler
Function lookup method: Physical Lookup Table
Register caching: checked
Advanced Block Linking: checked
Fast SP: checked
Cache: checked
PI DMA: checked
TLB Unmapping: checked
Start Changed: checked
Protect Memory: checked
Maybe you do already know this by now, but to prevent the strange walking pattern you see in the intro, you need to uncheck 32 Bit Engine.
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