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Smile Majoras Mask: Lens Of Truth (Issue)

Hello everyone. New here, below I have listed my PC specifications.

Toshiba Satellite P850 31L (Laptop)
Intel Core I7 3630QM 2.4GHZ (3.4GHZ Turbo)
4 Cores, 8 Threads, 6MB Cache, Graphics Support
NVIDIA Geforce GT 640M (Set to PJ64, major difference!)
64 Bit Operating System On Windows 8 Basic
8GB RAM DDR3 (1600MHZ) & (625MHZ GC + 2GB Memory)

Currently using the latest edition of Project 64 ( and emulating my favorite game almost flawlessly using an Xbox 360 Controller. I've had to tweak a few settings for it to work properly.

>Options > Configure Audio Plugin > Sync Game To Audio.
>Options > Settings > "Config: Game" > Uncheck Fixed Audio Timing.
>Options > Settings > "Config: Game" > Uncheck Sync Using Audio.
>Options > Settings > "Config: Game" > VI Refresh Rate: 1500.

All this was necessary to achieve a consistent / steady frame rate, due to a bug the VI was changed from 2200 to 1500 because timers in the game were 1.5x faster which made some challenges impossible.

Other than that, all settings are software default for simplicity. My NVIDIA Control Panel was configured to force this game to use the GC and I found all graphical glitches fixed (textures mainly).

OK, sorry for all that information but I feel it's necessary.

My problem is:

When playing the game, the Lens Of Truth shows invisible items as it should. It however, seems to mistake some objects like torches, ice (visible interact-able / moving items) and stray fairies (hidden behind walls) as "invisible". It's hard to explain: So I included a few images.

1) Fairy not seen behind wall, also cutting off bow.

2) This ICE is visible, but the lens of truth disagrees.

3) Same with torches, as you can see here.

It's not really that much of a problem, more of an inconvenience because without prior knowledge of the game, it could potentially increase difficulty of the game and make it impossible without assistance.

Wondering if anybody has had similar problems, thanks.

OH! and yes. I've changed the video plugins (made more problems) and used the Intel Chipset and Microsoft Basic Display Driver (I think that's processor graphics) but it had the same effect.
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