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Default Xbox One Controller will not assign

I am brand new to emulating this console. I am trying to use an Xbox One controller (bluetooth or usb, it doesn't matter to me) and for the life of me I cannot get this program to see it.
Control Panel in win10 shows my controller is working, but P64 does not recognize input, and there is no way to change anything to point it to the controller. On Dolphin I have to run it through steam to get it to work, so I was wondering if I needed to do something similar.

Adding some screenshots of my P64.

imgur /HMFNb2R
imgur /c4CvChq
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Damn, you really gonna make me type in .com huh?

Enable xinput.
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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Default Xbox Controller

Yes, you can connect through Bluetooth and other devices.
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i'm having the same issue. it just won't find my controller. plugged in and unplugged.i have tried xinput but nothing, same for plugged. I'm at a grinding halt here.
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Yup, same issue, using the default plugin, selected x-input, nothing, and everywhere I look online they are using x box 360 controllers
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