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Old 25th January 2012, 08:23 AM
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Default Star Wars Episode 1 Racer Graphics Glitch

Hey I've used project 64 for a long time and never had any troubles with it until now. I'm getting a weird graphical glitch while playing Star Wars Episode 1 Pod Racer. Things will trail off making a sort of time lapse effect. I have no problem with any other game and I've tried 2 different roms.

Heres a screen shot of the glitch at the start of the race. The trail will happen to the entire screen while boosting but its hard to screen shot while boosting.

I was using the Jabo Direct 3D 1.6 graphics plug in. I tried 1.5.2 but then then the pods are half invisible.
Windows 7 64 bit

Intel i7 3.33ghz

Dual Raedon 5800s

Any help would be appreciated.

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glitch, graphics, racer, star, wars

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