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Question Access Violation??

Hey there forum people. I'm a total noob at this emulator business, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question to a stupid problem...
So i just downloaded a ROM for Ocarina of Time, and I opened it in PJ64. It started up fine and loaded but about 30 seconds in I got a pop-up called Access Violation and all it said was "While processing graphics data an exception occurred
you may need to restart the emulator"

I'm confused as to what the problem is here.
If you need to know, I'm running Windows Xp on my crappy old desktop. Resolution 1024 x 768 thats 32 bit (75Hz?). I already changes some setting in the options menu of the emulator...I restarted it too but I get the same pop-up.

EDIT: Problem solved!! The problem was I was using Jabo 3D8 for graphics (in the settings) when I should've been using Jabo 3D6

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