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Default Odd issue with PJ64 and Launchbox

Some roms, when started from commandline result in pj64 going
to instant full black screen for a moment, that a small white error box with no test message appears, it only displays a red X that you can not click, and an OK button.
Most roms being launch result in a brief view of the rom browser window before popping to full screen

Clicking the OK button drops it back to the rom browser

And in the rom browser you can dbl click the offending rom, and it loads up just fine.
You can also launch pj64 by itself, and load the same rom, 0 issues

Launchbox simply issues the command project64.exe "path\to\rom\file"

This only happens on some roms, most other roms what happens is pj64 launches, you see the rom browser for a moment, then it pops full screen and the game loads.

being the error box has no text in it, i can not really see what pj64 is saying the issue is.

Since the rom will load fine from inside pj64's gui, almost seems like it is a commandline perameter thing?

Any special commandline parameters i should be using?
Also any way to have it do a log that might show what the error actually is?
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Maybe try reporting here?

Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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