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thanks let us know
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I tested....I used two version of 1964, both 0.85 and 1.1. I also tested with Mupen64 0.5.1

I can report that PJ64 1.6 is by far the fastest n64 emulator that actually works playably! Of the others 1964 0.85 with standard plugins gives me, on some games, performance that looks much more like my old Celeron 900mhz performance, but of course many graphical glitches and other problems that basically make games unplayable. The other emus mess up in the same places exactly as PJ64, but worse

I've found also that its not just driving games, in fact the problem seems to make very little sense.
On many games I have better performance than before - for instance Nightmare Creatures is less glitchy than it used to be, but other games are a lot worse (go back to Cruisin' USA there). It looks like one specific graphical effect or overlay or something that the atom doesn't like.

There are other 3d games i can play on pj64 that look to me far more demanding than e.g.: the load-game screen on nightmare creatures, they have no problem at all. I don't get why there are many instances in any n64 emu of things slowing down for no good reason. Out of of the driving games 60% of them are actually fine, and they don't look any less demanding than the ones that slowdown. I think this means theres not much point in trying to mess with my gfx driver - no other graphical problems anywhere in my setup or with any other emu. If anyone can get their hands on an atom, please try and see this behaviour.

Three things that still strike me:
1) why do none of these n64 emulators have frame skipping (or frame skipping that works: 1964 1.1 has a frame skipping option but it does nothing to fix my problem). I mean I have zx spectrum emuators that have frame skip! it wouldn't fix the speed, but it would mean i could play some games....
2) Why does 'sync game to audio' in Jabo 1.6 not relate to frame rate at all? essentially this is an audio problem I'm having, but its not being caused by audio
3) Why does changing the resolution in PJ64 NOT change the speed of emulation/framerate? It seems to in PJ61.7? Why does making my resolution miniscule not do a single thing to frame rate audio issues? Things still act as if at highest res

Oh and one last thing I now get - PJ64 now seems to just freeze very often, and I have to go out of fullscreen and back to kick it off again. Anyone seen that before?

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Unhappy issue going full screen

sorry if im posting in the wrong place or something first time. i load a rom and it will play fine until i try to go to full screen . when i do the window stays the same and the video goes away but the sound remains. idk what the dealio is
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What video plugin are you using?
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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