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Question N-Rage 2.5.2 and XInput


I am using Project64 with N-Rage with a wired Xbox 360 controller.

In the configuration menu, when XInput is checked, there is no ability to adjust the sensitivity of the thumbsticks. There is a place to change deadzone, but the deadzone is fine.

On other emus, such as Dolphin, in the config, I can adjust the thumbstick sensitivity to what is more natural feeling. With N-Rage, it seems as if the default XInput thumbstick sensitivity setting is too sensitive. Any small touch will cause the input to be maxed out in that direction. This happens with other emus as well, but I can fix that by changing the sensitivity to 50% to 75% of the original. It doesn't seem possible here.

Am I missing something? This seems like basic functionality.

Is N-Rage just not being updated anymore?
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