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Old 2nd September 2017, 04:20 AM
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It is a shame that you think like that, even ery sad for someone who work in emulation to preserve retro games. I am not saying PJ64 has to be port to Linux, I said that of course in the title just to give an example that there a lot of OS, multiplaform console or emulators all in one which work well in Linux. There are a lot of initiatives very interesting for all retrogamers to gather all best emulators all in one platform as RetroArch, and I was explaining that the future is that, not linux, I said the future of emulation is to gather all emulators all in one in only one multiplatform. So it would be good to port PJ64 in RetroArch libretro as the future of emulatation is gathering best emulators in one platform.

Now why I said to port PJ64 to linux, because I think there are very interesting projects which are being developed for linux like Batocera OS and Recalbox OS which can be used as a frontend like Hyperspin, but in linux.

Of course windows has good frontend too like hyperspin, lauchbox etc but in general is not plug and play you have work hard to configure very well all emulators and the fontend, it is not as fluid, flowing as other linux os like Batocera or Recalbox. Like the most part of people who do not know how to configure to get a good emulator, these kind of OS project developed by french people not now there are also people from all over the world. It is open for everybody.

Indeed, these OS are using RetroArch emulators and all cores from libretro, it is very interesting because it is very easy to configure emulators, all options are in the same frontend (Recalbox or Batocera) you only have to push a button and that's it, very easy, very pleasant, plug and play, you can make your own mini console with the best emulators all in one. You have a lot of filters, shaders options. That is why I think this kind of projects are the future of emulation, it would be a shame that PJ64, for me the best N64 emulators is absent from this beautiful project.

I am not telling you YOU HAVE TO DO THAT, I am just suggesting you to do that. If PJ64 developpers do not want to do that, that's their own choice, nothing to do, but I think if we are working in an emulator, it is because we like retrogaming so we want to get the best part of it, and doing good projects gathering the best one, like PJ64 is, everybody wins.

Thank you, sorry for my english

François from France

Here's little video presentation


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