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Exclamation Resident Evil 2: Fatal Error

I've been playing through Resident Evil 2 and have made it through quite a bit of the game with no errors or hiccups. I am currently at the part after the 1st fight with William on the train car (after Ada gets hurt) when Leon carries her into the safe room. The chamber room next to it (the room with three identical walkways and the power generator in the center) is giving me trouble.

I can enter the chamber and exit back to the area where the safe room is at. I can walk through the door on the west side of the map and explore everything over there. Whenever I try and enter the door on the north side of the map, the "door opening" cutscene triggers, but I can never make it past that. Each time, a diologue box pops up:

"Unhandled R4300i OpCode at: 8FBF0028
Unknown 00 28 00 28

Stopping Emulation !"

When I click okay, another box pops up:

"Fatal error: Stopping Emulation"

When I click okay on that, Project 64 exits. When I reboot the application, this box pops up:

"Project64.exe currently running
Terminate pid xxxx now?" (xxxx being series of random numbers).

I have cleared all of my save/load states and am only using the native in-game save, but I still have had no luck. I am running P64 2.1 and everything is up to date. Any ideas??? I am completely at a loss...
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Use the CPU interpreter core style.
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Many thanks.
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Same problem
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fatal error, pid, resident evil 2, stopping emulation, unhandled

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