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Old 6th February 2018, 06:19 PM
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Thanks for the codes and the information !
However, i'm still having a high speed in 2 players of MK64 with the 3 tempo cheats, I think I use an old version of your 60 fps hack, could you give me your latest version ? (i'm a bit lost to find the right one) Thanks again !

 cn 60 FPS HACK
81001890 2419
81001892 0001
81001894 2419
81001896 0001
80000FE3 0000
800014CF 0001
81001C90 240A
81001C92 0001
81001C94 240A
81001C96 0001
81001A38 2409
81001A3A 0001
81001A3C 2409
81001A3E 0001
80122CBB 001C
Well, if the hack can give a multiplayer without too much issues for Diddy Kong Racing, that's a good point, good luck and thanks for having a look on it!

I have some code requests, maybe you have them in stock :

- Mario Kart 64 : disabling the audio toggle for all players (someone on internet managed to make it without sharing the code from what I see)
- Diddy Kong Racing : enabling music in 3P-4P mode (got zero replies, looks like it doesn't exist?)

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