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Default Cheats not staying

so running PJ64 V 2.3.2 and so far on two of the Legend of zelda games I am running I have found after selecting the cheats and closing the cheat selector page, the cheats do not stay ticked.

I have read through the previous forum topics and have ensured the below but still this does not work.

- run as admin - Yes
- ensure only one PJ64 session is running - Yes
- cleared the PJ64 files - yes
- fresh install of PJ64 - yes

still not working. is there anything else that could be causing this to not work?
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Options > Settings, uncheck Hide advanced settings.
Then check Remember selected cheats under Advanced.
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Hi, Phoenix here. I try to use cheats and when I go to do so, I notice that the cheat is unmarked when I close out of the cheats menu. I have advanced settings revealed and remember selected cheats selected. I am playing super smash bros. 64. Am I doing something wrong?
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Is everything else saving?
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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