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Default XBOne controller issues

So heres the setup:

I have an XBox One controller wired. Windows recognizes the controller and all buttons and axes are recognized. All was well for the first 20 minutes or so, but then the game started ignoring x-axis input. The controller plugin recognizes the x-axis when I 'change' it, but the emulated game is ignoring it.

I tried to use keyboard inputs and the controller plugin recognizes those too, but the game ignores them.

Ive even tried using the working y-axis as the left and right inputs and the x-axis as the up and down and up and down works with the x-axis, but the horizontal doesnt work with the previously working y-axis on the controller.

Its like the controller plugin stopped passing horizontal inputs to the running game....

All the other inputs work... What gives?

Ok, so I tried a different game and the error seems to be stuck to one game. I re-downloaded the rom and it doesnt appear to be fixed.

Tried a different version of the ROM with the same effect. I even tried ti uninstall/reinstall PJ64...

The game is Bomberman 64 the seccond attack... Anyone else have this issue?

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Maybe you can use JoyToKey and set your controller there.
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Can't think of a solution to this problem. Maybe goto Devices tab in configure controller, and try messing with the Gamepad deadzone, very low or very high values.

Someone else once had a problem with a controller, and setting deadzone to 95% solved it for him. It was like his controller was backwards in the deadzone. 95% instead of 5%.

Edit: Bomberman 64 Second Attack, is working fine here with my PS2 controller, using DirectInput NOT XInput.

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