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Default Two strange problems.

Hi all. I'm having two problems. First, when playing Zelda - Ocarina of Time, the paths and soil patches don't appear, unless, sometimes, I'm standing higher than them or very far away from them. I'm on my dell m1330 laptop, which isn't a great computer, but I was able to play Majora's Mask without any problems.

As a work around, I decided to install project 64 on my desktop and transfer my save game file between the two computers. However, I discovered that my save files are completely invisible on my laptop, and the only time I can see them is in the load window for project 64. When I try to copy and paste them from the load window, it says, "file not found". So, working around that, I extracted the save file and dragged that into Dropbox, and that file appeared on my desktop computer, but not not on my laptop computer. Anyway, I won't be able to transfer anything back because I wont be able to see the files on my laptop.

So, if anyone knows how I can fix either of these problems (preferably the first one) please let me know.

graphic error, invisible, save file, transfer, zelda oot

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