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Old 29th March 2016, 11:44 PM
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Exclamation Memory Pack and Saves Save to wrong directory

Hey Guys, I have an issue with PJ64 1.6

Im trying to save my Memory Pack Files, Instant Saves and Autosaves to a this dirctory....

C:\Users\User Name\Google Drive\My Retro Games\Nintendo\Nintendo 64\Saves

But instead its saving to....

C:\Users\User Name\Google Drive\My Retro Games\Nintendo\Nintendo 64

I selected the right directory path in PJ64 1.6 for Instant saves and autosaves but it appears not only those are being saved in an up directory but the MemPack files are also being saved in the same directory. Has this happened to anyone else? What am I doing wrong? Im using Windows 7 by the way.

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