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Old 16th August 2017, 06:58 AM
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Now as far as fixing it manually.

The MPK file from 0x0C00 to 0x0CFF needs replacing. It's all 0s only because the source .N64 file was truncated and had nothing to fill those with.

Replace the 256 bytes between 0x0C00 to 0x0CFF using HxD with a copy and paste from one of:
  • 0x6C0 to 0x7BF, the last 256 bytes of file 1.
  • 0x880 to 0x97F, the last 256 bytes of file 2.
  • 0xA40 to 0xB3F, the last 256 bytes of file 3.

One of those (likely not only one, either, depending on coincidence) should restore your lost bytes.

In fact, I wager the first of those 3 bullet points is the only range you need to try, since the 11th byte of game section block 4 is 0x01 so file 1 was probably meant to be read over to that.

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