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Lightbulb Per-ROM controller configuration?

Two of the most popular FPS games on the original console use the analogue stick to move forward/back and look left/right, while delegating the strafe and look up and down to the C-buttons. They do not offer custom controller mapping or a configuration which supports modern FPS sensibilities. Changing this configuration is relatively simple, however in other games, the analogue stick controls movement fully, and thus requires the user to switch back and forth when starting a new game.

My suggestion is to add an option to the emulator to use a particular controller profile when launching a rom, in the same way these roms can use particular plugins when launched.

I view handled in much the same way plugin configuration is handled now: Right click > Edit Game Settings > Plugins. Perhaps beneath the "Input (controller) plugin:" dropdown menu, there could be a second one that opens up a windows file dialogue screen that allows the user to specify the profile, filtered by plugin compatibility. This would save time when starting games as you would only need to set up the configurations once, and wouldn't have to change them mid-game if you forgot to change back to standard analogue stick behaviour.
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Not sure if the plugin spec supports something like this? Maybe could be added if they wanted to make a newer one.
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config, configuration, controller configuration

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